Huey Newton: A Gun & a Law Book
"Fume of Sighs"
Promised: Trailer
"American Justice on Trial: Huey Newton"
American Justice on Trial: Huey Newton "Oakland 1969"
"Legacy of Slavery"
"Huey's 'Swan Lake'"
"Free Huey!"
"Huey's Been Shot!
"Self Defense
"A Gun & a Law Book
"Sky's the Limit
"Out for a Run
Hallelujah "Early Days"
"Spiritual Path"
"Back to Work"
"Who by Fire"
(from the album "New Skin" - arrangement & production)

"Came So Far for Beauty"
(from the album "Recent Songs" - composed by JL, lyrics by LC)
Promised: Trailer
One Oh! One Podcast
One Oh! One Podcast
"Not Matt"
"Thre3bound Montage"
Shanghai Film Group
Shanghai Film Group: Logo
Mary Fahl, "Four Songs"
Mary Fahl: Four Songs
"O Mio Babbino Caro"
"Ebben, Ne Andro Lontana"
"Lascia Ch'io Pianga"
"Nessun Dorma"
So This is Christmas
So This is Christmas "Happy Christmas"
(John Lennon)
Produced & Arranged by JL
featuring Vaneese Thomas & John Margolis
"Mac Meets Dog"
Kenny Karen, "This Day"
Kenny Karen: This Day "In the Everglades"
"If I Forget"
The Last Godfather
The Last Godfather "Godfather Theme"
"Lonely Road"
"Drivin' Outta Town"
Mary Fahl, "Love and Gravity"
Mary Fahl: Love and Gravity "Exiles (Wolves of Mid-Winter)"
"How Much Love"
"Both Sides Now"
End Call
End Call "Nocturne for the Lost"
Arlene Portney,
solo piano
Sports Medicine
UMPC: Sports Medicine
Planter's: Swashbuckler
The SciFi Channel
SciFi Channel: Tattoo
David & Layla
Cat And Mouse
David & Layla: Cat And Mouse